Kettering Allotments Association

Roles of the Field Steward

Ever wondered what the field steward is for?

This list was agreed by the committee in 2006 to clarify their role.

  1. To be the liaison between the committee and the members of their field or part of field.
  2. Ensure the rules of the association are complied with and report non-compliance to the committee.
  3. Collect rents and issue receipts if required to.
  4. Induct new members and ensure that they have a copy of the association's rules.
  5. Help organise tidy up sessions in conjunction with other plot holders.
  6. Help the award committee to judge 'best kept plot' and 'new comer' cups.
  7. Decide when a plot is not being used as per rules, contact plot holder, inform secretary and decide when it becomes vacant.
  8. Monitoring water on the field.
  9. Issuing and monitoring use of keys.

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