Health and Safety Policy - version 4  (2020)

The committee has produced a Health and Safety policy. This is version 2 - new policy adopted in 2011

We believe that all of us should be involved in staying safe.
If everyone contributes, we will have a better policy and be safer than if the policy is just a piece of paper that nobody looks at.

Please read and make suggestions for improvements.

There are two main files -
  1.  the policy document, with links to other documents
  2. the hazards checklist.
Please make any suggestions for improvement by contacting the secretary.

Safety First!

We all want to enjoy our allotments and remain safe. Trips to A&E are a nuisance, so the committee is working on a Health and Safety policy. The draft policy is now available on our website, along with a hazards checklist. If you have any suggestions for additions or improvements, please contact the secretary.

In some ways, Health and Safety is what used to be called “common sense”. However, we all know somebody who seems to lack “common sense” and will benefit from a gentle reminder. Some gardening activities are hazardous, so we need to take care (called risk assessment). Risk assessments need not be over-complicated, or they will not be read or used. A sample risk assessment form can be downloaded here.