Want an allotment in Kettering?

First, decide which of our 4 fields you prefer. It makes sense to have an allotment close to home.

If you do not live in the town of Kettering,  but a nearby village, please contact
Kettering Borough Council for the contact details of allotments in your locality.

If you want a plot on the Margaret Road field, please phone Mr and Mrs Munt on
01536 392 742 or 07804  686 105 or 07736 039 042
If you want a plot on Scott Road, email Russell to get on the waiting list
or text 07981 598 332
If you want an allotment on Northfield Avenue, contact the field stewards (Harry) to be put on the waiting list.

You can ask to be put on the waiting list by contacting the field stewards (Harry) - email hpope52@gmail.com or phone 01536 503263 or 07518  265 286

If you want a plot on Windmill Avenue, be prepared for a long wait. It is a small field and has low turnover. phone Mr White  on 01536 518 097

If you have no preference, you can be on more than one waiting list

If you live in Corby, please contact the allotments society there Mr David Loades 07957 555 202