If a tenant breaks the rules, the committee reserve the right to go through the disciplinary procedure to evict the tenant.                                                                  

If a tenant feels they have a grievance with the committee they have the right to have the matter dealt with in a reasonable manner.

Each case will be dealt with on its own merits.
A variety of methods of intervention will be used :-
1. verbal warnings,
2.written warnings,
3.discussion meetings,
4.formal disciplinary committee meeting and
5. appeal committee meeting.

Depending on the seriousness of the problem eg; gross misconduct, one or more stages of intervention could be bypassed. The tenant will be informed of which stages if any have been bypassed.

Tenants and the committee should be given the opportunity to talk things through.

Tenants should be informed of allegations against them including the evidence which should be provided in advance of the meeting

The tenant should have the right of appeal.

The disciplinary committee should consist of 3 members of the committee chaired by a member who is not on the same field as the tenant involved.

The Appeal committee should consist of a different 3 members of the committee chaired by a member from a different field than the tenant involved.

In the case of eviction the tenant should be given up to 1 month to remove all his/her tools/equipment from his plot. The time period will be decided by the disciplinary committee.

Disciplinary & Grievance Code ends