Deposit Policy for new tenants

The committee has agreed to charge a £25 deposit for new tenants with effect from January 2021. This money will be kept safe in our bank account. Deposits will be returned when the tenant leaves or is evicted as long as the plot is vacated in acceptable condition with no rubbish, and the gate key is returned. Recently we have paid for several skips and some retiring members have not returned their keys.

What counts as rubbish? Some examples of unacceptable rubbish recently removed from vacant plots include: – carpet, large numbers of bricks, old doors, PVC windows, window glass (some broken), toilet pan, plastic items, beer cans, 

What can I leave on a plot when vacating? (and not lose my deposit)

Any shed that is structurally sound, a few slabs (eg a single path), a few bricks (no more than 20 per plot, intact tools, a few pallets or compost bins (no more than 6 pallets).  Talk to your steward. We want to be reasonable and find solutions. Our purpose is to have a reasonably clear plot that can be re-let in good condition to a new member who has been on the waiting list.

Claiming your deposit back

Once the plot has been vacated and the key returned to your field steward, the steward will inform the treasurer that the deposit may be returned. You will need to provide your bank account and SORT code to the treasurer. The treasurer will then refund your deposit online using a bank transfer. This needs to be done within 6 months of vacating the plot.