This is the correct sequence of procedures to follow if you have any problems, concerns or complaints with regard to the allotments. The background to this is that Kettering Council owns the land but plays no part in the management of allotments. The Council has signed leases with Kettering Allotments Association for the fields as a whole on the understanding that all management issues are dealt with by our management committee and its officers. Therefore if you ever have any problems, concerns or complaints in the future this is the correct procedure.

1.    In the first instance approach your field steward.

2.    If you are not satisfied with the response from the field steward, please write or email the secretary of the management committee (who is elected by the membership of the association at the AGM). Secretary's contact details are on the website, see Contact Us

3.    If the secretary’s response is unsatisfactory to you, please ask that the problem be put to the management committee formally at its next meeting. The item will appear on the agenda and be minuted.

4.    If the committee’s consideration of the problem does not resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you may request to meet the committee in person at its next meeting. You will then be invited to attend the meeting and put your case in person. Under such circumstances it may be reasonable that you bring one other person of your choosing to be your witness.

5.    If you are still not satisfied that the problem has been resolved, it is then reasonable to go to Kettering Council and ask them to intervene.

All of the above are intended to follow the principles of reasonableness and reflect the democratic nature of our society and its relationship with KBC. Of course, if the nature of your complaint is really serious, such as an allegation of a crime, you should report it directly to the Police. Our procedures are intended for minor violations of our rules and reasonable conduct, not criminal offences.