Keeping bees

Written permission must be received from the field steward before any bees or hives are brought onto allotment land.

Bees may only be kept if the tenant is a paid-up, registered member of the BBKA (British Bee Keepers' Society).

This membership will cover the bee-keeper with public liability insurance. Proof of BBKA membership must be shown to the field steward before installing hives. Any hives can only be installed once the BBKA membership card has been shown to the Field Steward or Committee Secretary.

The siting of hives is complex and due consideration must be given to neighbours and the location of hedges to avoid distress to any neighbours. Detailed negotiations will be needed before hives are located and permission is granted by the field steward.

The bee-keeper's contact details must be displayed on a notice on the plot in case of swarming.

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