Minutes of the 99th Annual General Meeting of Kettering Allotments Society – March 9th 2017

Venue - Corn Market Hall, Kettering, Time 7:45pm

Present: C Wilson, S Munt, T Munt, N Elson, B Nix, J Burn, H Pope, J Pope, G White, N Mitchell, C Hulston, I Bickle, R Attwood, C Betholet-Wright, G Cherry, S Essam, J Stratton, J Weed, C Mclaren, M Mclaren, C Randall, D Allenby, J Allenby, G Gilbert, K Gilbert, D Johnson

Apologies: M Ozdemir, P Mullins, M Dickson, B Mitcheson

  1. Minutes of the 2016 AGM were circulated and accepted as a true record.

  2. Secretary's Annual Report was presented.

  3. The 2016 Accounts were presented by the Treasurer and approved by all present. The auditor's report was duly signed and will be forwarded to the FCA. It was agreed that the auditor's renumeration was too high for a society of our size and therefore we shall find a less expensive one for 2017.

  4. Election of Officers – secretary and treasurer. Mr Russell Attwood was elected as secretary and Mr John Burn elected as treasurer. Both elections were unanimous by all those members present.

  5. Election of committee members. Mr Tony Munt, Mrs Sue Munt, Mr Norman Elson, Mr Chris Hulston, Mr Pat Mullins and Mr Brian Nix were re-elected to the committee. Mr Charlie Wilson and Mr Lee Farmer were also elected to the committee. All elections were agreed unanimously.

  6. Appointment of auditors – see point 3 above. The committee will look for more suitable auditors for 2017. Agreed to ask the treasurer to suggest suitable auditors and the committee to then approve.

  7. Appointment of solicitors – it was agreed that the NSALG will continue to be our primary source of legal advice. Therefore we shall continue our membership of NSALG.

  8. Next AGM – to be our 100th. It was agreed that this will be in March 2018.

end of formalities

General Discussion and suggestions

  1. Suggestion that field steward's contact details (phone numbers etc) to be on all notice boards. This applies particularly to Margaret Road where there has been a change in stewards.

  2. Suggest we apply for a £500 grant from KBC this year. Treasurer to enquire.

  3. Centenary celebration. Some suggestions were made Harry Pope to liaise with other members and make suitable plans.

End of meeting